In 2013, foresters in Germany celebrated the 300 years anniversary of the idea of sustainable forest management. It was drafted by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in 1713. More details see: http://www.genf.diplo.de/Vertretung/genf/en/07/2013-03-06-NachhaltigeWaldbewirtschaft-en.html

300 years of sustainable forestry in Germany

After big  reforestation efforts, today Germany´s forests are well stocked with an average standing volume of more than 320 m3/ha. The proportion of hardwoods (mainly beech, Fagus sylvestris) is more than 42% now and growing. Information on Germany´s "Forestry Strategy 2020" you can download here (PDF).

An interesting project of Institute of Silviculture, Technical University of Munich: Establishment of Plantation Forests and Development of Sustainable Forestry in Desert Lands of Egypt Using Sewage Water

More information on forestry in Germany on the old Wood-Report Website: