Introduction: Services provided by Wood-Report GmbH

Wood-Report is a company focussing on education, information, and fundraising. CEO Dr. Ernst Kürsten (contact) is basically a German forester with a varied experience in the timber industries and in environmental management.  He spent one and a half years in India (2007-2008 as a lecturer at the Forest Research Institute University in Dehradun), and had some missions in other states like the U.S.A., Republic of Korea, Rwanda, and Albania. -  Wood-Report is offering the following services to foreign companies:

Dr. Ernst Kürsten

  1. Writing / translating press releases and websites in English or German
  2. Organsation of (vocational) training programmes, courses, and study tours
  3. Fundraising (German and European funds for R&D etc.)
  4. Research and studies
  5. Creating links to potential employees, scientific institutions and organisations in Germany 

... preferably in the fields of forestry, wood science and technology, and environmental management. For more details on these fields (regarding Germany) click on the left.

Examples and References

Some articles written by Dr. Ernst Kürsten:

Recent trends in wooden flooring. WoodNews 20 (5), Jan.-Feb. 2011, 40-41

European Beech. WoodNews 20 (5), Jan.-Feb. 2011, 70-72

Vocational training for the woodworking industry – German experiences and Indian perspectives. WoodNews 20 (6), Mar.- Apr. 2011, 10-16

Standards for a better world. WoodNews 21 (4), Nov. – Dec. 2011, 30


Study tour in Bavaria for woodworkers from Israel

On a study tour in January 2015 woodworkers from Israel visited training facilities for wood construction in Bavaria and saw a modern joinery machine.


Study and presentation: "Coir -  Traditionally used fibres for new construction applications", to be presented at the "First International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials" (June 22nd - 24th, 2015) in Clermont-Ferrand (France): PDF-download

Report elaborated for the Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI): The Policy, Market Development & Outlook of Biomass in Germany (and European Union), October 29th, 2006, 46 p. (See table of content and summery as PDF).